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Raw Fusion Ltd

30 Day Gut Revolution

30 Day Gut Revolution

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Intrigued by supplements but not sure which are right for you?

Nutritionist Ph.D. researchers Amanda & Rowan Kearns have designed a supplement training programme for all health advocates - whether you want to add supplements to your thriving health practice, or you want to simply learn more about gut health.

Perfect opportunity to learn and experience the full RAW range over 30 days: Try our Digest and Rest Protocol, where you take a complete supplement range for 5 days, and take a 2-day break before moving to the next range. 

Receive educational materials, progress trackers, quizzes and a 5 day supply in each of the following ranges:

  • Week 1 ENERGY (Fast Lax, FIT ProBio, CNS)
  • Week 2 STRESS (Candida Clear, PRO Zyme, Harmony*) 
  • Week 3 DETOX (GOLD Cleanse, CALM Biotix, FIBRE SynBio)
  • Week 4 IMMUNE (Parasite Clear, PRO Cleanse, Oh Megas)

 *Harmony is for women only, replaced by CNS for gender neutral purchases.

🌿 Supercharge Your Gut Health with Our Essential Supplements! 🌿

🎯 Introducing our powerful gut health supplements, meticulously crafted to target your colon, boost immunity, balance hormones, and energise your body. Get ready to experience a whole new level of well-being!

🌱 Our colon cleansers gently aid the natural detoxification process, removing harmful toxins and promoting optimal bowel function. Reveal a cleaner, happier you from the inside out.

🌿 Boost Immunity and Vitality with Probiotics: Nurture your gut with our potent probiotics. These beneficial bacteria promote a balanced microbiome, bolstering your immune system and enhancing nutrient absorption. 

💥 Energise and Harmonise with Multi-nutrients: Give your body the fuel it needs to thrive! Our multi-nutrient supplements are specifically designed to optimise your energy levels, help balance hormones, support liver function, and fortify your immune system. Experience the revitalising effects as your body reaches peak performance.

📝 Wellness Journal: Keep track of your progress, emotions, and discoveries along the way with our progress tracking training materials.


As a valued participant, you'll receive exclusive bonus resources to enhance your gut health journey. 

📚 Exclusive Bonus Resources: 110 page printed training manual to support your health discovery. 

🎯 Book a free 1-1 with expert guidance from experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of gut health. They'll provide personalised support and tailor a regimen to address your specific needs, helping you achieve optimal results.

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