Raw Fusion supports the whole family’s health and wellbeing with natural nutritional solutions that improve mental and physical performance as well as alleviating many medical symptoms.

Our products combine herbs, nutrients and bacterial strains to provide an exceptional level of nutritional support.  Widely published research has shown that enhancing nutritional input – tailored to meet our varying needs along life’s journey, from childhood, through adulthood and into old age – can have a very positive impact on our health and the quality of our life.  In addition, we have created a range of 100% natural products designed specifically to help with particular medical conditions.

We believe strongly in the power of Probiotics. Probiotics are friendly live bacteria that can be channelled to provide significant health benefits whether it is increased energy, immune or digestive support. Probiotics work to create a balanced healthy microbiome, produce essential vitamins and minerals, defend against pathogens and train our immune system to work more effectively.  Raw Fusion probiotics are infused with nutrients and herbs to deliver maximum nutritional support.

Raw Fusion was established by husband-and-wife team Rowan and Amanda Kearns in April 2020.  Both are highly experienced and qualified Registered Nutritionists and both doing PhD research.  

For nearly 10 years Amanda has run a successful Digestive Health Clinic – Inner Angel Health - and was winner of the Nutritionist of the Year Award in 2019.  Inner Angel Health focuses on nutrition and gut cleansing protocols such as colonic hydrotherapy and natural supplementation. 

Rowan who is currently undertaking PhD research into Gut Microbiology, works with high performance athletes from a range of sporting backgrounds to ensure that their nutritional intake provides them with the optimum energy and resilience to perform at the highest level.


Amanda’s father was a medical conundrum. He went for years undiagnosed with what turned out to be a rare neurological disease, Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). With no cure, the family were told that all they do was to keep him comfortable. 

Amanda met this challenge head on and developed a healthy living plan for her father featuring juices, supplements, a more plant-based diet and regular, gentle exercise. For over 5 years this plan helped to keep Amanda’s father well and active, and although he has since sadly passed away, he was able to walk Amanda up the aisle, without the aid of a walking stick, in a truly proud and memorable moment.

A Healthy Growing Family

In 2019 Amanda and Rowan became proud parents to Jude and again in 2021 when Cody was born.  Since starting a family the two have become particularly interested in family nutrition including the benefits of nutritional supplements in boosting fertility, supporting pregnancy and helping energise busy parents!