RAW Mission

What’s our Why? We aim to improve Mental and Physical Performance, with natural nutrition solutions to support the whole family’s health.


Registered Nutritionists and husband-wife duo, Rowan and Amanda Kearns, formed Raw Fusion in April 2020.

Prior to this, Amanda founded U.K. leading digestive health clinic Inner Angel Health in 2013 and since won Nutritionist of the Year 2019.

Rowan, a PHD Gut Microbiology Researcher, works with high performance athletes from a range of sporting backgrounds. 




Producing Award Winning World-Exclusive probiotic formulations, the Raw Fusion brand will become synonymous with Health.

Raw Fusion Mission is to cement their products into the family home, with our Health Supplements in every medicine cupboard and Green Juices in every fridge. 

Improving everyday life

Rowan and Amanda help fuel your day. Each with over 10 years of experience in human health and performance, Raw Fusion has been created to empower you with preventative care and to help you perform at your best. 

We began our journey by researching raw combinations of herbs, nutrients and bacterial strains tailored to specific medical symptoms. We created a range of supplements that can be used as natural alternatives where research has shown Nutritional care may actually be more beneficial than prescriptive drugs.

Family Means Everything

Amanda’s Dad, was a medical conundrum. He went for years undiagnosed, for what turned out to be a rare neurological disease, MSA. With no cure, all they could do was improve his quality of life. In his final few years, Amanda’s Dad convinced her to start up her own clinic and help others as she has helped him. 

With the guidance of her dad, in 2014 Amanda created Inner Angel Health Clinic which grew to be the U.K and Ireland’s leading Digestive Health Clinic and Training school. The clinic focused on nutrition and gut cleansing protocols such as colonic hydrotherapy and natural supplementation. 


More than friends…

Amanda enlisted the help of Rowan, an old friend and fellow nutritionist to help grow the clinic. The two soon became more than friends and married in 2019.

Although her father’s health was slowly deteriorating, Francie kept the faith and held strong due to sheer determination. 

He adapted natural health measures like drinking raw juices, taking supplements, a more plant-based diet and keeping as active as he was able.

Shortly before he passed, Amanda’s father walked her up the aisle, without the aid of a walking stick, in a truly proud and memorable moment.

Award winning Nutritionists

Inner Angel and Amanda have been awarded for their efforts and achieved:
> Most Innovative Business 2017
> Nutritionist of the Year 2019
Finalists in
> Health Product of the Year 2019
> Health Retailer of the Year 2019

Then about 3 days after the Awards Night this happened…

A new bundle of Joy 

With Rowan by her side and the expected delivery of their baby son, the duo created a joint focus on family health, performance and the common ailments associated with pregnancy, parenthood and babies.

“One of our goals is to improve the quality of life for everyone, putting your health in perspective and taking care of your body. We don’t believe in restrictive diets, but rather to add excitement with a variety of options and new experiences.”

Where we are now

RAW Fusion sell their products in-store and online across the world. They work with individuals who look to maximise their daily performance, feel good inside, reduce tiredness, stress and overall improve their quality of life.

Raw Fusion are only getting started... Winning Best New Business 2021, they are definitely a health brand to watch.