Look after your gut and it will look after you. 

Our gut microbiome is an ecosystem of trillion of good and bad bacteria, making up to 80% of your immune system.  Our microbiome is affected by the food we eat, stress, medications, pathogens, lifestyle factors like smoking, alcohol and exercise, as well as environmental pollutants.

The state of your gut (or microbiome balance) can be connected to a whole myriad of health ailments such as:

  • obesity
  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • mental health and mood conditions

    Live the Raw Fusion Motto: Live Life on the Veg!

    Think about what you can do to make an impact and support a healthy microbiome:

    • Half the amount of meat you eat
    • Eat more seasonally and locally grown food
    • Cut food waste (20-50% of the food we buy ends up in a landfill)
    Plan ahead with the guidance of our Diet Plans and Customer Success Coaches.  No matter what avenue, we encourage you to GO GREEN.


    Our microbiome community dictates our overall health

    Microbiomes aren't just limited to humans.  Researchers are only just beginning to grasp the full significance of the microbiome and how it affects humans and the environment.  A healthy soil microbiome is crucial for the growth of crops and wildlife, and water microbiomes in oceans and rivers help feed and support a vast range of species. 

    Yet antibiotic use and pollution from household chemicals are infiltrating these sensitive ecosystems and causing critical imbalances in microbiome populations.  We can all do our bit to make better choices about the products we produce and use and the environmental standards we employ, so that we can create a healthier and more sustainable planet.


    It's time to do an environmental clean up - both inside and out.

    We very much care about the world we live in and believe we have a duty to take care of the environment.

    Plastic packaging is perhaps the biggest problem facing the supplement industry today.  We've taken measures to balance the eco-friendliness of our packaging with quality assurance, to deliver the best-quality GMP-approved supplements to you.

    Our newer formulations have transitioned to FSC certified recyclable cartons from ethically sourced materials, whilst our 100% recyclable product pots and lids are downsized to reduce our carbon footprint.

    We pride ourselves on unique combination formulas, meaning you can get everything you need from one pot, rather than buying multiple single ingredients.  What's more, we take a raw zero-additive approach when it comes to selecting the finest quality and best-absorbed nutrition ingredients. 

    All ingredients and doses are chosen based on what is showing beneficial results in the research.  And often, these 100% natural products provide better results and lasting solutions compared with pharmaceutical care.


    We will continue to innovate to meet our ambitious sustainability targets for 2022, but you’re now able to make greener choices when it comes to your looking out for your family’s health too.

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