Become a Pro at Probiotics today!

Become a Pro at Probiotics today!

We, in our daily lives, quite often hear the word “ProBiotics” but we rarely dig deep into the meaning, so let’s explore Probiotics today.

''ProBiotics, in simple words, is a combination of the beneficial microbes that live inside our body & help coordinate various physiological functions that essentially keep the body healthy.''

 We have trillions of microbes in our gut that include good bacteria and bad ones, but today we are going to brag about the good ones. Probiotics are basically those good bacterial strains that are considered the secret key to thriving good health, they can simply be ingested via dietary sources and supplements. 

 How do ProBiotics work?

Probiotics have both a direct and an indirect influence on various parts of our body. They spread and colonize in the gut to competitively crowd out the unwanted bacteria which is a way for them to protect our body from various pathogenic bacteria. 

Let's take a tour today to find out more in detail about the major health benefits and wonders of ProBiotics in a few systems of our body.

  1. Digestive System: 

Research over the years has shown the healing effects of ProBiotics on our digestive health. Repeated experiments have revealed that ProBiotic Supplements could be a very reliable and natural cure for conditions like antibiotic-associated diarrhoea which is usually induced by the excessive use of antibiotics.  Probiotics in general are known for promoting digestive health by improving digestion and metabolism as well as conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, gas, bloating, and diarrhoea.

  1. Helps Boost Immunity

Every single one of us have an immune system that protects us from foreign particles, pathogens, and a huge number of cancers. Our Gastrointestinal tract enormously affects our immune responses. Our gut lining is where most of the immune cells reside and the intestinal immune system produces most of the antibodies. Probiotics help stimulate the immune system which allows the regular production of antibodies.

Probiotics help prevent the entry of foreign substances into the bloodstream by lining the gut wall. They ensure the immune system responds adequately, preventing infections, suppressing inflammatory responses when the infection is wiped out, and regulating the body’s response to cancerous cells. 

 “Probiotics stimulate the immune system, prevent the entry of foreign substances into the bloodstream, regulate the immune response to infections and maintain the integrity of the cells to fight cancer and inflammations”.

  1. Dermal Health

We all believe in a healthy skincare routine and try our level best to maintain clear and acne-free skin. We adopt the 10-step skincare routine and splurge on expensive high-end products in our beauty regime; but have you ever thought about bacteria protecting your skin?

Now you might say, “Bacteria cause infections and acne?” Yes, but those are the bad ones. Bacteria in the form of probiotics are known to stabilise and improve skin conditions such as acne and other skin issues. They improve the likelihood of infections and empower the dermal cells to fight infections, reduce free radical damage and protect against the damaging effects of pollution as well as help in balancing the pH of the skin. 


These are just a few of the benefits from the long list of health-improving effects of probiotics. At Raw Fusion we have several products to help you on your journey to clean and healthy living, cleansing and taking care of your gut from within has more benefits than you can imagine.

We have an array of products for you at Raw Fusion of course we have our best-seller Fit ProBio an all-in-one solution to many of your health problems. It helps improve your overall health by working on the immune system, dermal & cardiovascular health, and energy levels with a myriad of other benefits.


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